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PTP links with CPCS Test Centre to provide UK "off-centre" categories

PTP are in the unique position to offer "off-centre" categories of plant Theory and Practical Tests throughout the UK.  Helen said "With our many CPCS Testers, we can deliver the very large plant categories for candidates to gain their cards.  The only stipulation obviously is that the client/employer has the machines at their site, and CPCS Standards to provide the CPCS Theory Test, and all the requirements are met for the Practical Tests are available.

That means a small test room to conduct a theory test, one-to-one with the candidate, away from all noise and distractions.
The machine and area must be away from all other employees, so that the practical test can be undertaken without distractions.  The machine must comply with the manufactuer`s handbook, and also the latest certification and tests be available for inspection.
As we would be using the employer`s machines, there is a discount but only on the maximum number of candidates per day to achieve the specified volume/limitations of CPCS Tests that can be carried out each day.
The candidates must have undertaken the CSCS Health and Safety Tests within the last two years, and evidence must be provided.

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